Video and Photography

Video Production Services

An events video shot in a upscale speak-easy bar in Ocean Village Marina, Southampton on a jazz night.

From initial idea and brief to production and editing – our team can make your luxury brand come to life in our bespoke commercial videos. Our team of creatives knows what makes affluent consumers tick. We know what gets them going. Therefore, we make sure that each and every video we create is tailored to your brand. Wherever you want to advertise your products or services, we will create a video appropriate for that marketing channel (be it websites, social media platforms or TV). We can produce gorgeous product videos, service highlights, a virtual tour, a lifestyle video featuring your brand or an interview-style video for those all-important ‘Meet The Team’ sections on your website or in your marketing.

Each video project we work on is completed in the original format, then converted into short-form videos to help you use it across a variety of marketing channels.

Our team is available for ad-hoc hire where you hire us for individual projects or on long-term basis by hiring us for an annual contract. Our annual contract clients are usually product-based, using a mixture of lifestyle videos and product demos in their marketing campaigns to bring their luxury brand to life. Bespoke commercial videos for your luxury brand can help you connect with your desired affluent consumers. They can make your brand a lot more appealing and ‘human’ which is the recurring trend in current consumer climate.

Photography Services

We have a team of photographers specialising in various areas from food photography, product and branding to interiors and lifestyle. Stunning visuals are vital when building your website or working on marketing campaigns.

Wow your customers with gorgeous photos of your products or the interiors of your venue.

Photography services include: interior, food photography, product, branding, lifestyle and fashion.

If you’re a 5 star restaurant, make sure you include high quality photography for your menu offers from specials to À la carte menus. Make sure your customers know what they will be getting when they visit your premises. Take a look at some of our photography samples above or feel free to view and follow us on Instagram for more regular content updates.

We offer our photography services on ad-hoc basis, where you organise an individual shoot as and when needed or on annual basis. Our clients who rely heavily on high quality imagery prefer to hire our team on annual basis and use the available team as and when they need throughout the year.

This method proves most cost-effective.

You can find out more about our pricing here. Clients who typically benefit the most from hiring our team on annual basis are product focused companies and businesses under the hospitality industry umbrella.