Instagram has 500 million daily active users.

Facebook has 1.15 billion mobile daily active users!

And that’s just two examples of many, many existing social media networks, and there are more being published every year.

Why would you not take advantage of that and get your business out to this huge potential audience? It’s no longer optional. It’s one of the only marketing tools that are most effective in today’s world.

Social media provides great platforms for free advertising! All we need to do is to be consistent, produce high quality content and regularly engage with the audience. 

When you run your own business, it is hard to find time for all of that. The demand for new content is huge but there isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything yourself! 

Pass over the tedious social media tasks to our expert team who will not only manage your social media accounts and help to build your brand but also produce high quality, regular content for your business’ social media and website

Social media management with content creation provides you with all you need for a successful marketing campaign. We will design a tailored marketing strategy for your business, plan your social media goals. We can then create your content and manage your social media, following the bespoke marketing strategy. 

No false promises. No time-wasting. We know how social media works and what we can do for you to help you grow your business. With our packages, you save money because there is no need in hiring out separate services if you need an events’ photographer or a video made. It’s all included in your package!

Starting at £500 per month!

Message us today to book your free consultation and discuss our packages. 


Personal branding video for Jennifer Jones Styling  created for branding purposes to include on her website and within social media. Photography was also completed on the day and Jennifer is using these photos all this time. 

A dynamic, promotional video is a sure way to get your audience and potential leads to start paying attention to you and your business.

Build your brand awareness or tell your audience about a new product or service in a slick, dynamic promotional video for your business we will create for you. 

Reach your audience in a new way.

It’s time to take your marketing and branding campaign to the next level.

Mag’s Media will help you with the whole process, from the first brief and script, through production, to the finished product; provide advice on what is valuable to your audience and how to deliver that through the video. We will get to know your business, your ethos, your personality so your video fits your branding, and your marketing goals.

High quality content is not all. 


We want your videos to bring you real results but without a consistent social media campaign, it’s becomes more tricky. We know that it’s very hard keeping on top of your social media. That’s why we offer social media management services for a fixed monthly fee, also available with regular original content! 



Book a photoshoot with us to get consistent, beautiful content to add on your website and share on your social media.

We have a variety of photography services that we offer from personal branding photoshoots, to food photography, venue interior photography, events’ photography and more. 

Add beautiful shots to your social media or website. Create compelling social media posts with your new content and attract more interest about your business and services. 

See some branding photos we have done for Jo- Ann Carey for her business! #OnBrand