We are a content production and social media management company in Hampshire, offering website and social media videos for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Aside from just video production, we also offer social media management services with bespoke original content for a fixed monthly fee!

We help you build your brand, your reputation and effectively bringing you more results from your social media channels. 

Our branding video created to give you an insight into what Mag’s Media is and how we can help you create engaging content for your website and social media. 


Mag’s Media is a video production company in Hampshire, UK and with regular clients in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in short, engaging videos and photography for social media and websites. We are more than just video production. 

Not only can we design and create your video from scratch and tailor it to your needs but also offer social media management services to help you succeed with your new content. 

We offer video production as a standalone service or we can incorporate it into our social media management offer, providing you with regular high quality content. Week in, week out. 

Not just video production text box with a photo of Maciej Miller our second videographer in action, taking photography at the Vertigo Covers shoot

We will write a brief and script, and then research into what you need most out of the video – to raise brand awareness or is it to attract more clients?

Once we’ve researched into your company, we will then start with pre-production stages such as writing a brief and the storyboards, as well as scripting your video where applicable. Finally, we will arrange a production day and film all of your footage, typically, between one to two days of shooting.

Once all filmed, we will then take the footage to the editing suite and make you a polished, high quality, exciting video to share on your brands’ pages, social media, and website! 

That’s not all! 

Once you have your content, it can be hard finding the time to post on all your social media channels to build an effective campaign. If your social media posts are not bringing you results then it is easy to get discouraged. If you are not consistent with your social media, it can really be a waste of time and your energy. 

Don’t miss out on this great free advertising tool! Instagram alone has 500 million active daily users! Would you like some of those people to find your business?

Why not hand it over to our experts for a fixed monthly fee and spend your time on all the other areas of your business? 

Save money and time by outsourcing the tedious social media tasks to our experienced team and focus on the areas of your business that you’re the best at. 

We know what you need to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today! 

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