Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals

Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals

In this blog post we’ll discuss short-term and long-term goals and some personal tips on how to achieve them. Of course, this is based on our own experiences and opinions. However, you’ll find that a lot of successful business owners and industry leaders apply some of those as well. We’ve seen great results from goal setting and applying the below tips to our businesses.

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Short Term Goals can be daily, weekly or monthly goals that you can set for yourself each month or day. Long term goals can be any period of time, from 6 months, a year or 5 years. 

Generally speaking, achieving both short term and long term goals is similar but both are related to each other. You will have much more success achieving long-term goals if you keep smashing your short-term goals. This is why goal -setting has to be consistent, something you do every so often, within a certain time frame. 

According to experts, it is essential that you write your short term goals in a notebook, diary, online calendar – just visualise them and write them down. It will help you internalise them and they will live in the back of your mind, in your subconsciousness – something that will help you achieve them faster and more efficiently! 

It is equally as important to write down your long-term goals and put it where you’d see it every day. On your fridge, in your workspace, on your desktop picture, your phone wallpaper/screensaver. They need to be manifested every day, and internalised every day. So that you remember why you need to focus on your short-term goals and achieve them. So that you remember why you started it all in the first place, and where you want to get to. 

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. It can be as big as you can imagine, or as small as you want it to be. As long as it is something important to you, something you want to achieve – write it down. 

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Very Important to Note: don’t just write down the goals. Write down when you want to achieve it by too, and make a note of the date you’re writing them down. Looking back at your progress in days or years to come is a great emotional boost and will make you even more productive and excited about your business. 

You need to be consistent. That means you need to come up with a plan to make sure you will achieve your goals. Whether those are daily or the more long-term ones, make sure you know exactly how you will get to your goal and execute your strategy daily. 

Whether you have a financial goal, or it’s a dream house you want to live in – make sure you work out the steps on how you want to get there and what you need to do. It will make it much easier for you to stay on track. 

Reward yourself with every goal achieved. Especially with the small-term goals, reward yourself by doing something you like, having a celebratory glass of wine or take yourself out for a celebratory boozy brunch (if possible). Do whatever makes you happy, and make sure you take the time to celebrate. Humans, like many other animals, thrive on reward systems because it makes us feel good and it reinforces positive habits. 

Once you reward yourself, take a moment and see how you can build on your current achievements and set new goals for the future. 

Keep this cycle going and before you know it, you will be a lot closer to your long -term goals than you were at the start! 

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