Online Business Support Hub with Southampton Networking

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Online Business Support Hub with Southampton Networking

A bit about us…

Southampton Networking was founded by myself and Becca in 2018 when we run our first networking event in April that year to try it out. We had a few people turn up, we loved the atmosphere! Our guests did too and some connections were made between people who still work together to this day! We thought: yes, this is possible! 

Then we both got so busy with our own separate businesses and projects, organising an event in between was something we just could not squeeze in. Then 2019 rolled in and by February, we had a new event organised for the end of the month with 25+ sign ups. Before we quite realised, we were organising a Summer Southampton Networking Party with StartUp Grind Southampton. Then, in a blink of an eye, it’s November 2019, we’re doing our last event for the year with our 2020 event planned for February 2020… and we had the biggest turn out yet in February. It was a PARTY. We loved it. And then of course, we all know what happened in March 2020. 

And now …

Since then, we have put Southampton Networking on pause because there were many Zoom networking events already which we didn’t find that appealing. Having attended some, the atmosphere just wasn’t there, it was a lot more focused on who’s mic or camera is or is not on and less about actually getting to know each other or having a chat. We always made sure our events were relaxed; you get a drink, meet some people, mingle and leave whenever you want. With Zoom calls, and overall Internet networking, it is just not the same as real-life networking. 

Then we thought we’d focus on connecting people online but in a way of supporting each other online, offering promotion, generating engagement and reach for your business accounts so that even if your business is shut or lost some income, you can reach new people and make some connections, build your social media presence which will eventually lead to more customers and sales.

Having a background in social media marketing and advertising, we thought we’d put those skills to good use and create an online business support hub for small business owners in current, strange times. A space where they can listen to or read about other business owners’ experiences, collaborate on projects, get advice and tips on important areas of business such as legal information, regulations, help with growing your business or staying focused and more. Advice that will be provided by experts within each field via guest blog posts or interviews, whichever way they would like to contribute. 

If we can’t organise our events – we can become a site where fellow business owners can still connect, chat, support each other online and otherwise, purchase from each other and collaborate on projects. We want the advice and the information that we share on this platform to come from sources that you (the audience) can relate to and use for your own growth, whether professional or personal. 

Let us know your thoughts and what topics you’d like us to cover. We have some ideas lined up and we cannot wait to share them with you. 

Hope you all have a wonderful festive month & we look forward to helping your business grow and succeed, even in these challenging times. 

Mag Lepkowska xo