Influencer Marketing for Your Business

Influencer Marketing for Your Business

Influencer marketing can be fantastic for your business, whether you’re product or service-based. However, many businesses still get it wrong and because of that, not getting the desired results. We hope to clarify some aspects of using Influencer Marketing and how it can help you bring more sales or bookings to your business! 

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  1. Establish your ideal client. 

Of course as a business, you should already have a business plan specifying your ideal client. However, in cases of new products or services, it’s worth looking into who your new products or services will be suitable for. Once you find your ideal client, think about who your potential clients relate to on social media – is it funny videos, tutorials or self – care ideas and so on… 

  1. Consider which social media platform suits your client (tik tok, facebook, instagram etc)

Not all social media platforms will be suitable for what you’re selling. It depends also on who your ideal client is and which social media platform they use the most. If your product targets younger people between 16 – 24, you’re more likely to find suitable influencers on Tik Tok or even Snapchat. If your ideal client is within their 25 – 35 range, they are more likely to use Instagram or Facebook – but then again, look at your product or service you want to promote and which social network it will suit more. This is a very important step in your research before you move on to finding a suitable influencer. 

  1. Search for Influencers with different follower counts. 

Look into influencers in your area first. Instead of going straight to the most popular influencers with huge follower counts, start by looking at the smaller and micro influencers with fewer followers but a clear agenda and specific audience. If this is your first time working with influencers, it is worth starting out with micro influencers. Try to compile a list of around 5 influencers with varied following that match your ideal client brief. 

  1. Research into the influencers you’ve chosen 

Out of the 5 influencers, research more into them. Find out their hobbies, what they like to post about and what their posts look like. Is it more lifestyle-based? Are they promoting a particular lifestyle, would your product or service suit their aesthetic and branding? Are they currently looking for a particular service or product that you could offer them? Sometimes, influencers ask their audience about recommendations for products or services, why not recommend your own business – there is nothing wrong with that! Tell them what you do, and see if they are interested. 

Take a look at what sort of audience interacts with them. Where possible, visit some of their audience’s social profiles and find out more about who they are and why they may be following this particular person.

  1. Don’t just send stuff- open a conversation…

Don’t just find out Influencers’ details and send them products or service vouchers. Talk to the influencers first, see if they would be interested in what you want to offer them. Ask about their fees. There’s way too many brands who expect posts & mentions in exchange for products and no pay for the work involved. 

There’s a misconception about Influencers, assuming they get stuff for free for a few snaps on their phone. It takes a lot of work, time, in some cases financial investment (camera equipment, phone accessories like tripods, lighting, even furniture, home decor, mirrors, editing software, professional photography, list goes on!) and being an Influencer is now a business like any other. 

We are living in a digital age where most advertising now happens on social media. We are more likely to buy online than visit the high street or even call someone about a service.. Influencers deserve to get paid like any other freelance, self-employed person, as they are just as important (in some industries more than others) in marketing as having social media presence. 

  1. Not just about the products – use your research 

Think about what type of content you would like the influencers to post. You do not need to just have a post featuring the product on a flatlay. Use your research and think about how your product or service could fit into their lifestyle. If you run a beauty salon, are there any big moments or special occasions you could offer them a beauty treatment for (e.g. Christmas, Birthday)? 

When you work out your brief, be creative and reasonable – don’t over complicate your Influencer ads. The most popular content is relatable content – who do your clients relate to?

  1. How to protect yourself online from potential fraud?

We feel like this isn’t discussed enough and also it goes both ways. 

There are, unfortunately, many scammers and people who will do anything for ‘free stuff’, exploiting the influencer industry. To protect yourself, your product and your business, make sure your chosen influencers have real, active followers, that they are connected with their audience and have a reasonable engagement rate. 

Sometimes, accounts with larger following are only filled with bots & dormant accounts and their posts and stories do not reach or generate any engagement that would be helpful to your business. 

Ask if they worked with any other brands before and how they found the experience, and if they would be interested in working with a brand again based on their answer. Take a look at their posts, and see any sponsored or ad content, and check the brands. It is important to be thorough and not rush with finding someone to work with. 

Always have a written agreement or contract in place where you clearly state the scope of work, deadlines, payment amounts and terms, terms and conditions, copyright usage, non-disclosure agreements where applicable etc. Would you like more information on how contracts and agreements in creative freelance industry? Let us know, email us on

Remember, this point goes both ways. Influencers have every right to ask you about details of your business, safety of your products, your company details and previous work with Influencers if applicable. Influencers get scammed very frequently with fake emails, lack of promised payments, copyright breaches, content theft and more. It is important to work together and be as transparent as possible about who you are, what you do and how you would like to work together with influencers.

Final Thoughts

Is Influencer Marketing for me?

There are many, many influencers out there and research may take some time.

We do believe, however, that it is worth it. Influencer marketing can bring so much value, authority and trust for customers, and really escalate your sales, following and reach if executed correctly. 

It is not for everyone, and every business but it is something worth considering, for sure.

Influencer marketing can be a great way to promote your business and increase your sales. 

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