Work from home or Coworking?

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Work from home or Coworking?

Working from home or coworking? Which one is better for you and which is better in general? Does it matter? We discuss pro’s and con’s of working from home and coworking below and listing some of our personal favourites in Southampton and surrounding areas.

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Becca Bell from The Buzz Bureau, sat at the desk at her computer during work hours, working on some virtual PA and dmin work.

Both offer flexibility.

Working from home or co-working both offer flexibility.

At home, of course, allows you to have full flexibility. If there is an emergency, if there is a spontaneous meeting or phone call – you can make sure you are prepared, there is no need for a commute back home for a quick change of clothes. In many cases, you’ll have reliable wifi at home and access to a plug if your laptop or phone battery is running low. Trust us when we tell you, it’s happened to us more than we care to admit!

At a co-working space, you are not on anyone’s schedule so you can just come and go as you please. Any unexpected events that can happen in a day’s work can also be easily resolved from a co-working space. Better yet, you can meet people who can be on-hand if you need any help, advice or assistance.

Structure and Self-Discipline

As a business owner, self-discipline and sense of structure are so important when it comes to moving your business forward and achieving your short-term and long-term goals.

When working from home, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get up and get on with work. You may want to procrastinate and instead of making your way to the office, you end up cooking week’s worth of dinners. It can be hard to stick to your structure at home of your typical, ideal working day with on-going distractions (especially if you live with family, or a partner) and ‘home’ life getting in the way. It is so easy to find yourself doing your family’s washing or going through your bills than actually focusing on your business. This, of course can lead to lack of motivation, lack of productivity and work tasks piling up. If you prefer to work from home but you struggle with self-discipline and/ or structure, there are ways of enhancing your work performance at home which we discuss in another post.

Co-working space provides a feel of being at the office. It also forces you to get out of your comfort bubble, organise your day and bring in structure. It is easier to stay focused on work and tasks at hand as there are a lot less distractions and you are not being sucked into ‘home’ life. Your mind can switch to ‘business’ for when you are there and once you come home, you get to leave work behind and be more present. Something that is much more difficult to do when you work from home.

Distractions in both workplaces

We know the common distractions at home, but co-working spaces have their downsides too. Depending what type of co-working space you use, it can be easy to spend more time socialising with fellow business owners and freelancers working there than to focus on your work. Someone’s radio or meeting is too loud; other noises (outdoors, people coming in and out) can be also quite frustrating and distracting. A choice between working from home or using a co-working space is a very personal one and we’d suggest trying both to see which one you’d prefer.

This is also where self-discipline and developing a structure can massively help you to stay focused and productive regardless of whether you’re working from home or coworking. There are distractions everywhere, it’s just the world we live in. We can however learn how not to give in to them and make the most out of each day.

Collaboration and Interaction

Co-working allows you to interact with people who are also freelancers or business owners, and can provide you with not only helpful advice but also contacts and opportunities for your business growth. It lets you surround yourself with people just as driven, independent and excited as you about self-development and professional success! It is so beneficial for yourself and your business than when being around positive energy and like-minded people.

Do what you want – it’s YOUR business.

There is no right or wrong way to work on your business! Different spaces are suitable for different people. Some like to work in a busy environment, some like complete silence. Some like to multitask, some like to work on one thing at a time. The beauty of working for yourself is that you can work however and wherever you like – whether that’s working from home or coworking!

We can point fingers at the bad and the good of either working style but at the end of the day, you do need to decide for yourself and just try it. Take a look below at some coworking spaces around Southampton and surrounding areas.

Our favourite co-working spaces in Southampton and surrounding areas

The Incuhive Space(s) (available at many locations, check their website for details)
We’ve worked in The Incuhive Space up by Bargate in Southampton before for a while. It is a funky space with art on walls and painted in bright yellow, with astroturf on the floor instead of tiles. Filled with all sorts of perks, from help and support for start ups and SME’s to beer from their nano-brewery* and free coffee and tea.

coworking space, Incuhive


SOfourteen is also a co-working space in Southampton City centre. We personally haven’t been there but we have been following their journey since they opened and it looks cosy and a lot of fun! It looks very friendly and inviting and sometimes, there’s cake! We love their social media posts too… We can’t wait to visit!

coworking space, sofourteen


Room2Hometels is based in Queens Terrace, Southampton and apart from accomodation, they also have a great co-working space open to public! You can come in and work on your business here whether at a table, or on one of their comfy sofas. Usually, they also have a coffee/ drinks bar and you can order some food. It’s great atmosphere and we’ve visited a couple of times ourselves to experience this lovely working space.

coworking space, room2hometels