Social Media Marketing – what is it?

social media marketing agency

Social Media Marketing – what is it?

social media marketing agency

Many people are still confused about what social media marketing really involves. There are many misconceptions, especially when it comes to what is available and for what price. There are also many dishonest people charging a lot of money for very little work and with limited effects. 

When choosing your social media marketing team (and we will always recommend a team, such as we have at Mag’s Media – and we will explain why later on), you need to make sure that the individual(s) are genuinely interested in helping you succeed online and have the knowledge and experience to prove that. 

Social media marketing isn’t just pretty Instagram posts, 30 hashtags and pushing your product or service. 

To effectively market your product or service across any social media channel, you need to be up to date with the latest trends, latest features and updates so that you can adjust your social media posts accordingly. 

You need to be alert of major events in the world so that you don’t come across as out of touch and best yet, if you can find a social media calendar that will help you with content but also not to miss any important holidays which could be relevant to your business. 

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Social media marketing is also consistency and quality. Posting everyday, twice a day for a week, then taking a week off unfortunately won’t work as effectively as posting every other day but every week. Algorithms are designed to keep you on the app as long or as often as possible – that’s how they make money, and why the apps are free. There’s no way to ‘beat’ algorithms, other than to play along.

Many business owners and freelancers also still fail to see social media marketing as the ONLY marketing tool available to small and medium businesses. With tight budgets and pressure on sales, investing in advertising campaigns such as billboards or TV is simply pointless – and not to mention outdated. 

We are well and truly in the digital age and digital marketing, especially via social media, is essential to business success. However, because of recent algorithm changes (especially on Instagram and Facebook), and the social media giants pushing for us using more and more of the paid promotional content option on the platforms – social media marketing became a job of its own. If you are a solo business owner, you know that we end up doing things that other companies have teams of people to do. 

This is why you should take some of the load off your shoulders, and hire a social media marketing team such as ourselves! We are your whole marketing department but instead of boardrooms and long strategy meetings – we do all the work (remotely, so we can work with you no matter where you are based!) and you get to enjoy the end effect of more traffic to your social media platforms and website, devoted audience and increase in sales! 

Of course, we do keep you in the loop! However, all marketing research, strategy development and execution is all on us. We offer comprehensive packages including but not limited to original photography or video content, graphic design, copyrighting, hashtag research, customer service, paid promotions design and more. 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you increase your success on social media. It’s no longer ‘Do I need it?’.  The question is, how will you succeed without it?