Mag's Media – 2019 – Media Production


Mag’s Media specialise in short promotional videos and photography content tailored to individual businesses and freelancers for use in their digital marketing campaigns. Whether that’s to promote a specific product or a service, or it is to raise awareness about your brand – we can create a short, dynamic video that will engage your audience and make a real difference to your marketing efforts! 

Additionally to our video production and photography services, we also provide a tailored guide with every project on how to use and promote your content to get the results you need out of it.

Mag’s Media was founded by Mag Lepkowska in 2017 and was attending shoots, editing and running the company all on her own. Since then, we’ve grown our team and have a second videographer to assist us on shoots. Mag is now running the business as well as a Producer and Senior Editor on all our video and photography projects. 

We have recently also launched 1 – 1 Video Workshops for Freelancers, to learn how to create videos on your own and on a budget, here in Southampton, Hampshire. Get in touch if you’re ready to learn new skills and improve your visual campaign. 


Get in touch today to get your brand noticed and take your content to the next level. Email or visit our contact page.

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