We are a content production and social media management company in Hampshire, offering website and social media videos for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Aside from just video production, we also offer social media management services with bespoke original content for a fixed monthly fee!

We help you build your brand, your reputation and effectively bringing you more results from your social media channels. 

Our branding video created to give you an insight into what Mag’s Media is and how we can help you create engaging content for your website and social media. 


Mag’s Media is a video production company in Hampshire, UK and with regular clients in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in short, engaging videos and photography for social media and websites. We are more than just video production. 

Not only can we design and create your video from scratch and tailor it to your needs but also offer social media management services to help you succeed with your new content. 

We offer video production as a standalone service or we can incorporate it into our social media management offer, providing you with regular high quality content. Week in, week out. 

Not just video production text box with a photo of Maciej Miller our second videographer in action, taking photography at the Vertigo Covers shoot

We will write a brief and script, and then research into what you need most out of the video – to raise brand awareness or is it to attract more clients?

Once we’ve researched into your company, we will then start with pre-production stages such as writing a brief and the storyboards, as well as scripting your video where applicable. Finally, we will arrange a production day and film all of your footage, typically, between one to two days of shooting.

Once all filmed, we will then take the footage to the editing suite and make you a polished, high quality, exciting video to share on your brands’ pages, social media, and website! 

That’s not all! 

Once you have your content, it can be hard finding the time to post on all your social media channels to build an effective campaign. If your social media posts are not bringing you results then it is easy to get discouraged. If you are not consistent with your social media, it can really be a waste of time and your energy. 

Don’t miss out on this great free advertising tool! Instagram alone has 500 million active daily users! Would you like some of those people to find your business?

Why not hand it over to our experts for a fixed monthly fee and spend your time on all the other areas of your business? 

Save money and time by outsourcing the tedious social media tasks to our experienced team and focus on the areas of your business that you’re the best at. 

We know what you need to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today! 

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We specialise in short social media videos and website videos that you can use for your marketing and brand awareness. Take a look below at our latest work to see what we’ve been up to.

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A short Gym Promotional video for Pure Wellness Clinic in Bournemouth made for social media and website promotion.

Recently, we’ve created a promotional video for a gym inside a wellness clinic in Bournemouth called Pure Wellness. We enjoyed working on the video to the client’s brief. They wanted to capture the artificial lighting in the gym, as well as highlight services and machines they have available, all under supervision of a qualified trainer. 

If you want to find out more about Pure Wellness, visit their website by clicking here.

With every project, we can also offer add-on services such as social media management, website building or management to make sure you get the support you need to make your content successful. 

Mag’s Media will not only create your promotional content, but we can also help you make sure your new content will bring you real-life results. 

Contact us today to discuss your next project, and grow your business with Mag’s Media. 

We also created testimonial videos for Pure Wellness, giving feedback on the services they offer beside the gym. Here’s one of them below! 



Instagram has 500 million daily active users.

Facebook has 1.15 billion mobile daily active users!

Why would you not take advantage of that and get your business out to this huge potential audience? 

Social media provides great platforms for free advertising! All we need to do is to be consistent, produce high quality content and regularly engage with the audience. 

When you run your own business, it is hard to find time for all of that. The demand for new content is huge but there isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything yourself! 

Pass over the tedious social media tasks to our expert team who will not only manage your social media accounts and help to build your brand but also produce high quality, regular content for your business’ social media and website

Social media management with content creation provides you with all you need for a successful marketing campaign. We will design a tailored marketing strategy for your business, plan your social media goals. We can then create your content and manage your social media, following the bespoke marketing strategy. 

No false promises. No time-wasting. We know how social media works and what we can do for you to help you grow your business. With our packages, you save money because there is no need in hiring out separate services if you need an events’ photographer or a video made. It’s all included in your package!

Starting at £500 per month!

Message us today to book your free consultation and discuss our packages. 


Personal branding video for Jennifer Jones Styling  created for branding purposes to include on her website and within social media. Photography was also completed on the day and Jennifer is using these photos all this time. 

A dynamic, promotional video is a sure way to get your audience and potential leads to start paying attention to you and your business.

Build your brand awareness or tell your audience about a new product or service in a slick, dynamic promotional video for your business we will create for you. 

Reach your audience in a new way.

It’s time to take your marketing and branding campaign to the next level.

Mag’s Media will help you with the whole process, from the first brief and script, through production, to the finished product; provide advice on what is valuable to your audience and how to deliver that through the video. We will get to know your business, your ethos, your personality so your video fits your branding, and your marketing goals.

High quality content is not all. 

We want your videos to bring you real results but without a consistent social media campaign, it’s becomes more tricky. We know that it’s very hard keeping on top of your social media. That’s why we offer social media management services for a fixed monthly fee, also available with regular original content! 


Book a photoshoot with us to get consistent, beautiful content to add on your website and share on your social media.

We have a variety of photography services that we offer from personal branding photoshoots, to food photography, venue interior photography, events’ photography and more. 

Add beautiful shots to your social media or website. Create compelling social media posts with your new content and attract more interest about your business and services. 

See some branding photos we have done for Jo- Ann Carey for her business! #OnBrand





Pure Wellness have worked with Mags on our Client testimonials and our gym video for our new launch. Mags listened to what it was that we wanted and put our ideas into reality. She was very easy to work with and met us at times that were convenient for us. would definitely recommend.

Dr Hannah Beard, Doctor of Chiropractic, Pure Wellness Clinic owner.


“Thank you Mag Lepkowska for our stunning photography for the Contemporary Dance photo shoot as part of the Theatre for Life Industry programmes. The video (Vlog) is incredible, you have captured our branding perfectly and have worked to the brief with precision and in such a short amount of time. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and expertise. Michelle Smith (Artistic Director)”

Michelle Smith, Artistic Director at South England Performing Arts


“I contacted Mag because I liked her work on Instagram – seemed to me to be the style and techniques I wanted to show my clients at first contact with my website.

From the start, Mag was attentive and ensured good communications – she understood what I wanted from the shoot – this professional approach was maintained through the project.[…] Would I contract Mag again? Would I recommend her? Yes, absolutely – from the experience I have had I will contact her again in the future when I have more videography Work to be done. […] ” 

– Iain Lightfoot www.thoughtlounge.co.uk


“I recently had a personal branding shoot with Mag which included having my make-up done and having both photos and video. I had an absolute blast, Mag was professional, friendly and amazing at making me feel comfortable. She had lots of ideas for both outfits and locations and the communication before the shoot was spot on! The results from the images and video was amazing! Highly recommend Mag for Photography and Videography, whether it’s to pamper yourself or for your business/event!”

Becca Bell at The Buzz Bureau



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Video marketing is a leading way of getting new customers interested in your brand. 

90% of consumers admit they’re more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. 

What are you waiting for?

Get ahead of your competitors and impress your audience with an effective, engaging visual content.




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