Mag Lepkowska Media offers commercial videography and photography services based in Hampshire. Mag’s Media specialises in promotional visual content for use in marketing and social media marketing campaigns for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mag is an expert in video production, post production and photography. She’s graduated the University of Winchester with a Media Production degree while gaining on-the-job experience through freelancing and working with video production companies. Mag has an excellent understanding of exactly what it takes to create an engaging, dynamic video that will add value to your marketing campaign and bring you more clients.

In 2017, Mag decided to start up her own videography and photography business, Mag’s Media, specialising in creative, dynamic short commercial videos. Mag’s Media also offers product, fashion and events photography.  Since then Mag’s Media has worked with a number of clients such as South England Performing Arts, Itchen College, Jennifer Jones Styling, The Buzz Bureau, Incuhive and others.

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Mag Lepkowska video production business in Southampton


“My favourite thing about my job is being able to contribute to your business and provide you with tools to help you succeed further. Be it a personal branding photoshoot, or a video showing -off your next best product or service – you will receive contemporary, versatile content to include on your website or in your future PR and marketing campaigns ” – Mag




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As we slowly crawl towards spring time, it may also be time to spruce up your marketing campaign. Re-branding? Think of your visual content, too!

Bring life to your website and speak directly to your Instagram followers, and tell them why they should choose your business in a slick, contemporary video which highlights all the best about your products or services.

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View below video: a promotional video for South England Performing Arts.


A dynamic, promotional video is a sure way to get your audience and potential leads to start paying attention to you and your business.

Build your brand awareness, boost your social media’s engagement, or tell your audience about a new product or service in a slick, dynamic promotional video for your business.

Reach your audience in a new way.

It’s time to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

Mag will help you with the whole process, from the first brief, through production, to the finished product; provide advice on what is valuable to your audience and how to deliver that through the video.

Mag has worked with many different business, from make up artists to fellow photographers, graphic designers, mental health professionals and personal stylists. Take a look at the most recent video Mag’s created for a bridal stylist, Jennifer Jones, below!

“This video was really fun to create! Getting to know Jennifer and her business has been a pleasure. We quickly got on and exchanged ideas and discovered we’re on the same page. It was over one filming day, which included 2 locations and 2 models as well as Jennifer’s speaking parts! I’ve really enjoyed working on this video in post production, and on its trailer – which you can see on my Youtube Channel or Instagram!” – Mag 


Whether for social media campaigns, promotions or general marketing – Mag can make stunning, engaging videos for your audience, showcasing your latest products, offers or services. Understanding the purpose of your video and your audience is crucial when designing your video campaign, which is why Mag meets with all clients prior to start of the project to identify the story and message the video is supposed to deliver as a marketing tool for your business.

Mag has previously created content for Gymshark, Sik Silk UK, DV8fashion and ScartissueUK.

From 30 second shorts to 5 minute fashion movies – Mag’s got you covered. 
Get high quality, dynamic videos for your business website or social media. 

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Have you got footage but struggling to put it together in a tidy, engaging video? Let an experienced professional create the perfect video for you. Mag can create a dynamic, contemporary video for your brand, or of your event.

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